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   We have installed 32 pressess in the range of 25 Tons to 2200 Tons manufactured by Van Dorn, Cincinnati, Haitian and Borche. Our 90,000 sqft manfacturing facility utilizes eight overhead cranes, machine mounted robots, automated robotic work cells, and in-line conveyorized laser and camera vision systems.


    We currently process a range of materials from commodity grades to engineering grades. (i.e. GF Nylon, ABS, TF GF PP, TPE, TPO,TPV, Zytel, Lexan, Luran, Santoprene, Trexaprene, Poly Carb)


    Our in-house tooling department has the tooling personnel and equipment to properly maintain our tools and address any issues that arise. We have strong relationships with both domestic and offshore tooling sources for all tooling projects.


    IATF 16949:2016

    ISO 9001:2015

    Minority-Owned Business

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